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One-Line Bio

Seize life! Eat bread with gusto, Drink wine with a robust heart. Oh yes -- God takes pleasure in your pleasure! Ec. 9:7 (MSG)


First Career:
Systems Accountant, Systems Auditor, Supervisory Auditor and Supervisory Accountant. Accounting Systems Project Manager.

Graduated (BA, Accounting) from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Graduated (MS, Computer Information Systems) from Boston University, Heidelberg.
Attended United Theological Seminary, Religious Communication MA Degree Program

Tipping Point:
Elder in Presbyterian Church (USA). Mission trip to Congo in 1998. Quit as Part-time student at United Theology Seminary, Dayton. Started Congo Helping Hands in 2004. Read The End of Poverty by Jeff Sachs and believed it is possible to ending extreme poverty in Congo. Lately converted to a disciple of microcredit and Muhammad Yunus.

Second Career:
Fulltime Humanitarian worker for Congo Helping Hands. Primary Focus is Safe Water and Sanitation. Avid member of Rotary International.


congo, humanitarian, Christian, information communication technology